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Transaction Monitoring

Using enterprise big data combined with financial industry transaction data and also utilizing AI technologies, cash flow and transaction relationships information can be presented in graphical data reports. Such reports can also be used to track virtual currency transaction flows, and carry out transaction monitoring quickly and effectively.

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Related Party Searching

Utilizing AI to track related parties and displaying information on the various relationships via a tree diagram like graph is an efficient way of searching related parties and rationalizing such relationships. can be built. The related search results and information can be stored permanently for record keeping purposes, so as to effectively implement internal controls.

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Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO)

AI algorithm is used to calculate the ultimate beneficial owners’ direct and indirect share percentages in order to minimize human errors inf calculations and also time cost. Through the UBO calculation, the direct and indirect shareholding ratio of natural persons can be calculated instantly, thus identifying the UBO. The UBO relationship diagram can be presented in the form of a topology chart.

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Compliance Report

The platform can calculate compliance scores and credit scores for enterprises and individuals that comply with international regulations, and provide AML/KYC reports and scores to facilitate and assist with business decisions and risk assessments.

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Corporate (Person) NLP Information Summary

Adopting NLP technology to capture network information and organize relevant information through semantic analysis, one can quickly understand the relationships between individuals and enterprises, and the related information and positive or negative news etc.

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Blacklist and Sanctions List Key Word Searches

News crawler searches can be carried out using negative keywords, and aggregated through AI and NLP technical analysis. Relevant news can be given positive or negative scores.

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Supply Chain1

The platform can provide the transaction relationships and information of enterprises, upstream and downstream supply chains and subsidiaries of enterprises, industries, etc., and quickly integrate and search targets relating to different aspects of industries and products, and quickly grasp the transaction information of enterprises.

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Taiwan/Mainland Corporate Information

The platform can provide information on related entities and relationships for entities in Mainland China and Taiwan including basic company information, board-member and supervisors’ shareholdings, supply-chain information, and same phone & address analysis.

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